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    Ikea Hack: Rast 3-Drawer Dresser Revamp

    Ikea Hack Rast Dresser

    I love a good home DIY project, but fair warning that I’m generally pretty horrible at documenting them. We’ve been staring at two of these Rast 3-drawer dressers for almost a year. The intention was always to paint and stain them, but you know how it goes — you get busy, distracted and the next thing you know you’ve still got a cheap $30 dresser acting like a nightstand right next to where you sleep.

    One recent rainy weekend we went to Lowe’s and grabbed some Minwax stain in dark walnut and Sherwin-Williams Ovation in gloss. We didn’t mix any additional color into the paint — we wanted that nice, bright white look.

    We did a total “lazy man’s” paint job in that we didn’t cover spot that won’t be seen when the drawers are closed or open for daily use. It felt like a lot of extra work (and potentially more paint) to cover a fairly cheap piece of furniture. It’s been a month since we put them back in our room and I haven’t noticed any missing, visible spots.

    Ikea Hack Rast Dresser

    Ikea Hack Rast Dresser

    Ikea Hack Rast Dresser

    It took three solid coats to get it covered. Thankfully, because we started on a Saturday morning, we were able to get all of the painting done by Monday morning. I will say that it took a long time to dry on the last coat and that putting them outside to “bake” was critical. The final step was to put on the new knobs that we purchased. Here’s the finished product:Ikea Hack Rast Dresser

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