Benefits of Are Jalapenos a Fruit for Your Health

Jalapeno chili peppers come from Mexico which tastes very spicy. Usually this chili is sold in the form of pickles in bottles. Actually, growing jalapeno chili is not too difficult if you follow some important things. This jalapeno chili plant is the same as chili plants in general, in starting it is indeed a little slow. Well, on this occasion we will review about are jalapenos a fruit.

Before planting outside the house, this plant should be place in a room for 8-12 weeks. Try to keep this plant always at a humid temperature but not above the water. Jalapeno (Jalapeños) is one of the hottest chili peppers in the world.

Jalapeno has the same shape as cayenne pepper, but is larger in size. The capsaicin compound inside jalapeno contributes many health benefits. Well, for that there are many benefits that can be obtaine by achieving jalaeno for that are jalapenos a fruit. Let’s look at the following article from lavitaebellablog.

What Is Jalapeno Chili?

Jalapeno (Capsicum annuum) is a chili pepper originating from Mexico. Jalapeno was found to grow widely and was use as the most important element of spices in the Caribea, Central America, South America, and Mexico. Portuguese traders introduce this plant to India in 1542, already reaching Southeast Asia including Indonesia in a very fast time.

This chili has a strong spicy taste. Jalapeno has a spiciness level of 2,000–8,000 on the Scoville scale. This scale measures the degree of spiciness of a chili pepper. Jalapeno has a size of 5-9 cm. The color of the jalapeno is green when young and will be red when old age. Jalapenos are usually found in dry forms or so-calle chipoteles.

Jalapeno chili has a disparity with cayenne pepper, not only is it larger in shape. Jalapeno chili peppers have a color that can change according to their age, are green when they are young and will turn redder when they enter old age.

Benefits of Jalapeno for Health

The percentage of capsaicin and other nutrients containe in jalapeno makes this fruit have many benefits. Check out the explanation.

1.     Resists Cancer

Capsaicin containe in jalapeno can add an inhibitory influence on the growth of cancer cells. Capsaicin is a derivative of homovanillic acid (Reagent to detect oxidative enzymes) and has been shown to alter the self-actualization of several genes involve in cancer cell survival, developmental arrest, angiogenesis and metastasis.

Here Capsaicin Fights Cancer With :

  • Stops the development and division of cancer cells
  • Slows the formation of new blood vessels in more or less cancerous tumors
  • Avoids cancer from spreading to other areas of the body

Antioxidants in jalapeno can help resist the onset of chronic diseases such as cancer. Fresh jalapeno has a greater percentage of antioxidants than the canne or drie version.

Not only that, jalapeno also contains vitamins A and C and also B6, flavonoids such as lutein, beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, zea xanthin and cryptoxanthin in order to increase immunity and help cleanse the body of cancer-causing free radicals. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights the destruction of free radicals and keeps the skin healthy and strong, when vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient involve in more than 140 reactions of the human body.

2.     are jalapenos a fruit: Maintain Neural Platform Health

Stroke can be cause by ischemia injury. Ischemia is a lack of blood supply to tissues or organs due to problems in blood vessels. Without sufficient blood supply, tissues or organs also do not get enough oxygen. The percentage of capsaicin inside jalapeno can protect cortical neurons in ischemia / reperfusion injuries through NMDA receptors.

The NMDA receptor (Nmdar) is an ion channel receptor found in most excitatory synapses, to which it will respond to neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are organic compounds in the body that carry the sinyak dianta neurons to the brain.

3.     Fight Various Infections

Jalapeno contains capsaicin compounds that can avoid the development of harmful bacteria and yeasts that trigger infectious diseases. The compounds found in jalapeno chili peppers are very strong in slowing the development of foodborne bacteria and yeast.

Chili extract, moreover, can stop cholera bacteria from producing toxins, potentially reducing the effects of deadly diseases transmitte through food. Not only food poisoning, new research shows that capsaicin present in jalapenos can help resist other types of infections, such as laryngitis, bacterial tooth decay and klamidi.

4.     are jalapenos a fruit: Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation is a reaction of the body’s natural immune platform to fight disease attacks. This process is a biological response to the frequency of dangers approaching the body. Inflammation occurs when body tissues are injure, infecte with bacteria, expose to toxins, or heat.

Capsaicin (Analgenic) is an effective painkiller when use externally. Chili jalapeno can soothe pain by blocking when pain receptors in the place where it is applie Cream and Capsaicin patches are often use to relieve pain cause by the shingles virus, diabetic and chronic muscle nerve pain and joint pain.

In one study, older adults with a history of rheumatoid arthritis experience a 57Percent pain reduction after adding capsaicin cream to their joints. Jalapeno is also anti-inflammatory, that is, it helps relieve swelling of bronchitis and joint pain.

5.     Lose Weight

Jalapeno hot pepper helps to lose weight by increasing metabolism, raising fat burning and reducing appetite. Some studies have found that capsaicin and other similar compounds in jalapenos calle capsaicinoids can increase metabolism up to 4-5Procents per day Not only does it increase metabolism, capsaicinoids have been shown to reduce belly fat and appetite so that people eat 50-75 fewer calories per day.

Consuming jalapeno chili peppers helps inhibit weight gain or obesity over time Research shows that jalapeno and other spicy peppers can promote weight loss by increasing metabolism, increasing fat burning and reducing appetite.

6.     are jalapenos a fruit: Avoid Gastric Ulcers

A stomach ulcer is a wound that appears on the stomach wall due to the erosion of the lining of the stomach wall. This wound has the potential to appear on the wall of the first part of the small intestine (Duodenum) and also the throat (Esophagus).

Factors that make peptic ulcers are the development of H. pylori bacteria, high content of stomach acid, low blood flow to the stomach, smoking and drinking alcohol. Capsaicin containe inside the jalapeno can reduce irritation or inflammation in the stomach. This can happen if taking it is not hyperbole.

Well, that’s an important review of whether jalapeno is the fruit of jalapeno chili itself is very beneficial for health, therefore this chili is very important for humanswith the existence of this article hopefully useful for you, many of you, thank you.