How to Build Homemade Storm Shelters?

Building homemade storm shelters is a great idea if you live in a part of the world where tornadoes and other natural disasters often occur. When building a storm shelter, the exact location as well as the materials used. It must withstand the storm and keep you and your property safe.

With this DIY guide, you can create homemade storm shelters DIY that are very powerful, easy to build, just costing you money, time, and energy. These guidelines are some of the techniques and methods that can be applied to building durable storm shelters for various types of natural disasters. So, without further ado, let’s get started and see what you can make out of the list. Let’s look at the article from lavitaebellablog below.

How to Build a Storm Shelter?

1.      DIY Concrete Block Storm Shelter

It’s a sturdy, durable, easy-to-build 12×20-foot storm shelter with precise guidance and instructions. Here will be taught how to create step by step, and guide you through the process of creating it. This storm shelter is also built like a new home, in addition to your home.

2.      Build a DIY Storm Shelter

This tornado shelter was built underground, inside the real house. So, if you have a house that has room for a basement, you can easily create a safe space down there.

You can make it yourself, dig a hole and lay concrete to arrange its place. The storm shelter measures 5×6 feet and is 46 inches deep, reasonably priced, and requires more than 40 hours of work. The manufacturing process is quite easy, and the entire underground shelter is sturdy and durable.

3.      DIY Wood Storm Shelter

Make a concrete floor for the basis of the residential structure, this will make it more sturdy and durable. After that, he began to install a wooden base and install other wooden boards on it. The whole manufacturing process is easy and doable but you can’t count on its ability to last long enough during tornado season.

4.      Homemade Storm Shelter (homemade storm shelters)

If you are looking for a simple homemade storm shelter that you can make with some simple materials and tools at your disposal. You can also build this homemade storm shelter with your family and friends to reduce time and effort.

5.      How to Build a Storm Shelter

Whatever you do in this guide, know that this project will require a professional contractor, it is difficult and a little expensive, you can not do it alone. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t cost anything, then you should probably try another guide, or the storm shelter created in this guide is the strongest and most durable by far.

The creator took the floor of the garage and dug 28 inches deep after removing the concrete slab, he then made the ceiling and walls with wooden shapes for concrete storm protection, then installed metal reinforcement all over to strengthen the concrete, filled the form with smaller aggregate concrete, and then followed the next steps to completion.

You need a super strong door, this is the most important part. Without strong doors that are resistant to wind pressure and splinter impacts, the whole building will be useless.

6.      DIY Concrete Block Storm Shelter

Planning first before you start building something is very important. The creator proceeds after laying the concrete floor, by placing concrete blocks around the edges of the floor, and begins to lay blocks, pipes and other building materials.

7.      DIY Underground Bunker

It is a solid underground bunker, made of many pipes and has walls outside for extra security. You may need to build a wall also depending on how much space is left, the wall is 3 feet thick, 2 feet long, and 6 feet wide.

This bunker was first made for tornadoes, but now it can serve larger purposes such as nuclear fallout, zombie apocalypse and others. It’s pretty easy to build as long as you follow the maker’s build instructions step by step. The project is also carried out on a budget, meaning it is cheaper.

8.      DIY Trash Can Storm Shelter

The makers used large bins for storm shelters, this is how it started. The creator dug a hole through which the trash can would fit, and then cemented topped, only the lid of the can was visible from the top of the concrete.

It’s pretty solid on the ground, but not that strong, the lid can open in a real tornado wind so you’ll need to wear a helmet to protect your head from debris that might be blown into the can.

This Storm shelter bin idea may not suit you, it has not been approved by any government agency and has never been tested in a real tornado. It is very cheap and takes less time to build.

9.      Storm Shelter Ideas

This is a massive storm protection project, from the site to construction, it only takes a professional contractor to build it from scratch. If you are looking for something cheap, simple, and close to your home, perhaps your garage or backyard, then you should pass this guide and try another one.

The creators found the perfect location for the project, dug a hole the size of a large room in the ground, and began to install components for the structure. This shelter is large enough to accommodate a large number of people and a long-lasting supply of food. The walls of the underground shelter are made with concrete. Then the roof and other finishing touches on the outer body.

10.  How to Build a Tornado Steel Shelter

Nardo’s safes are 5×7 inches in size. The makers are recreating the safes they saw for themselves, they used steel sheets. Metal conduits and square iron pipes to build this shelter.

The project involves a lot of installation and welding. The only downside is that he can only bring 2 people at a time. The advantage of this is that it can be framed into your home or garage. So that it is close if the storm starts out of nowhere.

You need a plasma torch to cut the steel sheet you are going to use, if you don’t have one. You’d better figure out how to get it or ask someone to cut it for you. The shelter is quite simple to build, just follow the instructions and you will be guided correctly.


After all being said and done. You now know some of the ways you can use to build storm protection for you and your family. Which are budget-friendly, fit your needs, and fit your plans for the future if disasters are worse than disasters. storm.

If you can’t do some shelters on your own, you can ask a professional to help and guide you. Thanks for stopping by to check out this guide, see you later. Thus the article is about homemade storm shelters. Hopefully, it will be useful and thank you.