Instead of All The Way to Japan, How Big do Cherry Trees Get!

Not only does it have a beautiful appearance, but cherry blossoms are also in great demand by people because of the various interesting facts contained in them, ranging from life philosophies, traditional ceremonies, to unique cuisine dishes. Curious about what the complete interesting facts about this japanese flower are like? Just look at this article that will discuss how big do cherry trees get.

When you hear the word “Cherry blossom”, what comes to mind? Not only Japan, chances are you will also imagine how beautiful this one plant is. But did you know, that this seasonal plant is not only beautiful?

Instead of All The Way to Japan, How Big do Cherry Trees Get !

The reason why he is so popular in Japan and the world is not only because of his appearance alone. This flower has some interesting facts, for example, it contains a deep philosophy about life. Well, therefore let us know carefully how big do cherry trees get.

Not only that, this flower, which is often called cherry blossom, is also often consumed for special occasions and how to consume it is also interesting. Have you realized that yet? If you don’t understand, this article can be the right place to enrich your insight into this beautiful flower.

Because not only explaining the interesting facts, this article will also review the physical characteristics of several types of sakura that are interesting to know. What are they? Come on, see the explanation by lavitaebellablog below!

Physical Characteristics

When you’re in Japan and see a pink flower falling, you could say it’s a cherry blossom. But outside of Japan, can you recognize it? Unless you are still confused about what the cherry blossoms themselves look like, let’s see the complete info here.

·        Crown

In general, cherry blossoms have 5 crowns per flower. But, there are some species whose crown strands are more than five. And uniquely, the name of the flower also changes depending on how many strands it has.

For a flower that has 5 strands, the Japanese people call it hitoe. For species that have between 6-10 strands of the crown it is called hanyae. If in one flower there are more than 10 strands, then it is called yae.

At first glance, this cherry blossom is very similar in shape to a plum blossom. But what distinguishes them is the adhesion of the strands of the petals. The strands are separated from each other. While the plum blossom is not.

·        Flower Color

When looking at photos or wallpapers of cherry blossoms, most of them display pink cherry blossoms. This makes people think that is its characteristic. In fact, this plant has a series of very diverse colors, such as white, bright pink, dark pink, green, and yellow. Because most cherry blossom models are pink, so many think this plant only has one color.

Speaking of colors, there is something interesting about the plants that enter this plantae kingdom. Unlike other types of flowers whose color is ajeg from beginning to end, cherry blossoms can change as the flower crown blooms. For example, white cherry blossom buds can turn dark pink as they expand. And vice versa.

·        Leaf

Does this beautiful flower have leaves? The question is likely to arise in the minds of some people who have not seen it in person. No wonder, because in the pictures that show off the aesthetics of this plant, it seems that the cherry trees only contain flowers.

In fact, originally it also had leaves. The leaves of the cherry blossoms are green, copper brown, and a combination of the two. The shape is quite large with a size that exceeds the flowers, the appearance of leaves on a cherry tree depends on the type of tree.  If it belongs to the kind that grows at the beginning of the cherry blossom season (in January-March), then the leaves will not appear before all the crowns in one tree expand.

This makes the tree look like it is leafless. It is very interesting because it looks similar, in the sense that in one tree that looks only flowers. In contrast, in models that grow at the end of the cherry blossom season, the leaves appear before the flowers on the tree expand perfectly. So that the tree does not look of the same kind.

·        Tree

Similar to the various colors of the crown, the shape of the cherry blossom tree is also various. Some are triangular (Triangular), columnar (The flowers grow clustered and form columns), V-shaped, flat topped (Flat top), and weeping (Ducking).

·        Fruit

Because it is very fascinating with the aesthetics of the flowers, many do not understand the name of the cherry tree fruit. Even though the name of the fruit is very familiar, you know. try what guess?

Yep, the answer is cherries. However, not all cherries are produced by cherry trees. So, like the English name of cherry blossom, this plant does produce a fruit called cherry fruit. But cherries from sakura are not good to eat.

The situation of the fruit is arguably not appetizing because of its small size. Even then, not all types of fruit-bearing. Cherry blossom trees planted in public places on average have no fruit.

Because cherry blossoms are not suitable for consumption, the Japanese people prefer to import cherries from foreign countries for domestic cultivation. In Japan, cherry is called sakuranbo. Japan’s famous cherry-producing place is Yamagata Prefecture. Unfortunately, there are not many cherry farming areas in Japan. Because the amount of sakuranbo is less than imported cherries, the price becomes more expensive.

When Do Cherry Blossoms Rise?

Cherry blossoms have a relatively short fluffy time. Therefore, in order not to miss its beauty, you should understand when and how long it blossoms. Where to find out? Yes here!

Time Blossoms

When a cherry blossom blossoms is closely related to the region where it grows. In Japan, people living in the southern regions can see cherry blossom blossoms first compared to other regions. For example, in Okinawa this flower has been growing since January.

For the Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto regions, cherry blossoms will blossom perfectly more or less in mid-March or early April. The regions that feel the slowest blooming of cherry blossoms are the northern Japanese archipelago, such as Hokkaido. Residents can only enjoy the blooming of cherry blossom in May.

Not only the region, but the weather also greatly changes the blooming of this plant sooner or later. For example, if the weather in Tokyo in April this year is cooler than last year, it will immediately expand. But if it is colder, the blooming schedule can be pushed back. That’s why the cherry blossom time is always different every year. It can be forward or backward. But the disparity isn’t really long. At most only 1-2 weeks.

Long fluffy

The period of inflate this plant is very short, which is only 2 weeks. When the bud first came out, people referred to it as kaika. After 1 week, the kaika will turn into a mankai, and this is the so-called perfectly expanding period. One week from the mankai phase, the cherry blossoms will begin to fall from the tree. If there is heavy rain or a big wind, the autumn time will be faster than that. That’s an important review of how big do the cherry trees get are hopefully useful from me thank you.