Come on, See How Long do Avocados Take to Grow

Do you want to be clearer how long do avocados take to grow? I’m not surprised! When combined with lettuce, tomatoes, peas, asparagus, and peas to make salads, it tastes very good.

For this reason, avocado grows takes a long time so we must patiently wait until the avocado tree grows for more details let us look at the exposure. In fact, It has many health benefits, because it is rich in fiber, potassium, and vitamins, and because it does not have cholesterol content, good for heart health.

So many people need avocado plants for consumption. Therefore we must know how long do avocados take to grow by knowing what age the avocado grows it would be nice if we studied together in this article by lavitaebellablog below.

Come on, See How Long do Avocados Take to Grow

As if that weren’t enough, it’s a plant that can be very productive, almost as much as a lemon tree (Orange x limon). So, if we see time passing by and not bearing fruit, it is important for us to ask ourselves why, because it could be that the age is still very young. Let’s see when flowering begins and what to implement in order to bear fruit.

When Did Avocados Start To Develop?

El avocado, whose scientific name is Persea americana, It is an original mesoamerican evergreen fruit tree. Widely cultivated in tropical places of the world. Although there are some varieties that can inhibit cold and let alone slight frosts, such as Hass, it is recommended to be on the exterior all year round only in places where the temperature remains above zero degrees.

And the climate will not determine whether the plant will succeed or not, but also the degree of its growth and therefore when it will expand. Therefore, when conditions are favorable and nothing is lost, it can bloom at the age of 5 years.

But if it is winter it will take longer, because it will take more time to continue its growth in the spring. Therefore it is worth paying attention to what season is very suitable for planting an avocado tree so that it is not wrong because determining that season is very important.

And when does it begin to bear fruit?

To answer this question we must continue to talk about flowers. It is that they are bisexual, but the female organs mature first and the male later. This means that they are flowers that expand twice in the morning or evening, and the other at sunset that day or the next morning.

It is estimated that one tree produces a million flowers, but less than 1Persen becomes fruit. Therefore, to ensure the result is grafted, although it is also interesting to plant several specimens nearby so that the bees and other pollinating animals take care of their pollination. A) Yes, it will begin to bear fruit at the age of 5 years, more or less.

How to avoid the fall of avocado flowers?

When the flowers of the plant fall prematurely, it is because their lives are over. They are already produced for pollinating insects to carry pollen from one flower to another, but not all flowers are pollinated. Therefore, the only way to prevent it from falling off is by attracting the attention of those very useful insects.

For example, a good way is to plant plants that attract them, such as daisies, rose bushes, buddleya, or lavender. Moreover, there are other trees that they will like, such as trees of the genus Prunus or oranges. However, this alone is not very important enough to prioritize, whenever possible, the use of organic products, since insecticides and fertilizers can have a very serious damaging impact on original animals.

Another way that can work if the specimen is young and not very tall, is to pollinate the flower itself, with the support of a brush. This is impractical, but as I said, if you have small avocados and you want them to bear fruit, you can brush them first with a female flower of one flower, and then with a male flower of another.

What to do so that the avocado bears fruit?

Apart from what we have discussed so far, there are a few things that we must keep in mind if we want our tree to bear fruit therefore some ways that must be considered carefully so that the tree is better developed.

1.     Plant in the ground as soon as possible

The less time it spends in the pot, the faster it can grow at a normal pace and flowering. Although it can be grown in one pot for several years, it is very difficult to bear fruit if it is in a container, as it will lack space.

The lack of soil is a serious problem for the roots, since avocados are large plants, which reach a height of approximately 12 meters and can reach 20 meters. Therefore, we recommend having it garden. Therefore, avocado trees if planted in plantations will be more developed than only planted in pots because avocado trees are large trees.

2.     Fix the huma if necessary

Avocados grow on soils rich in organic matter and light, so if the soil in your garden has similar erosion and is very dense and heavy, you should take action so that your plants can grow well. Therefore plant avocado trees in arid soil so that avocado trees can grow well and be fertile.

3.     Install a drainage platform in the premises.

Dig a large planting hole, at least 1m x 1m. Cover the sides (Except the base) with a weed control net. And then fill it with quality potted soil. Mix the soil from the garden with some organic fertilizer to increase its nutritional wealth. With perlite so that the water flows faster.

4.     Do not expose to frost

As a fruit tree that comes from tropical and subtropical places. If you want to bear fruit, the ideal is to plant it in a place that is not exposed to frost. Moreover, it will be very good for him if the lowest temperature is more or less 10ºc or higher. But you need to be clear that it is cold-resistant without cases. And moreover if it is sufficiently sheltered. Such as in a corner of the ground or protected with an anti-freeze cloth, it will withstand up to -2ºC.

5.     Flush and pay to the touch

You can’t miss either water or fertilizer. This is a plant that can’t be drought-prone, so you have to water it several times a week in summer. And several times less each year. And for customers, it is important to bloom and bear fruit as soon as possible. So we recommend fertilizing it with fertilizers rich in potassium and phosphorus. Such as guano in this way, you will make it fruitful.

Well, so many articles about how long do avocados take to grow. I hope this article will be useful for you, thank you, thank you.