How Much Water do Succulents Need

How Much Water do Succulents Need – The amount of free time makes us feel bored, one way to get rid of that boredom is by planting ornamental plants such as Rakuten and other ornamental plants. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have more and more time at home.

On this occasion we will discuss about how much water do succulents need for that we invite you to know the moisture content if growing ornamental plants.

In addition, the hobby of planting and caring for ornamental plants is increasingly trending, ranging from easy children to the elderly, even to retirees participating in this hobby. By planting houseplants, boredom will disappear replace with a sense of pleasure.

More and more people grow houseplants, making ornamental plant traders floode with many orders. Therefore, sometimes there are some plants that start to get expensive because their availability begins to thin out. Let’s look at the following article from lavitaebellablog.

Come on, Know How Much Water do Succulents Need So It Doesn’t Get Rotten Easily

It’s not just the sense of fun that you will get from growing ornamental plants, with houseplants or the room you have will be more beautiful. The more beautiful the house or room decorate by ornamental plants will increase the sense of comfort and feel at home to linger in the house or occupie room.

Therefore, if you want to have a lot of hisa plants, you must first know how to take care of them and the water content of how much water is neede to water the ornamental plants. Well, for that, let’s know how much water do succulents need by knowing what the moisture content is, your ornamental plants will be better than others.

Basically there are a lot of ornamental plants that you can plant in the yard of the house or in a room. Wherever you grow an ornamental plant, as long as it is properly and properly care for its beauty will always be preserve. One of the ornamental plants that are suitable to be use as a room decoration is a succulent ornamental plant.

Succulent houseplants are very famous for their beautiful and beautiful forms, so many lovers of houseplants are eager to care for an ornamental plant similar to this cactus. Although it is small in size, but ornamental plants are no less beautiful than houseplants that are quite large in size.

What are Succulent Plants?

Before knowing how to care for succulents indoors and outdoors, you can get to know more closely about the succulent plant itself. You need to know that “succulent” is not the name of a plant, but “succulent” is a classification of existing types of plants. The origin of the word “succulent” is taken from the Latin, sucus with the meaning of “juice” or “sap”.

This type of plant is very popular with many people because of its small size, but still looks beautiful. Houseplants that fall into this group of succulents can grow or survive in a fairly arid or hot environment. In other words, this ornamental plant is very resistant to dry states.

How Much Water do Succulents Need

1.     Don’t Water Too Often

Because this succulent ornamental plant can store water reserves, you should not give water to this ornamental plant too often. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t water at all. If this succulent houseplant is not given water at all it will cause this houseplant to wither or may die, so you can not see its beauty longer.

Water feeding to this plant, preferably done by spraying water about twice a day or adapte to outdoor temperature conditions. If the air temperature feels very hot, you can spray water once a day. but if the air temperature is not so hot or tends to be cold, you can give water once every two days.

2.     Pay Attention to the Light of Succulent Ornamental Plants

The same with houseplants in general, sunlight should also be well observe. With enough sunlight, succulent houseplants will grow optimally, so you can see their beauty longer. This ornamental plant ideally gets sunlight for approximately 6 hours in one day. However, for some succulent houseplants, some need sunlight for less than 6 hours in one day.

Therefore, when it has already decide to care for this ornamental plant, you should recognize the characteristics of each of its types. By knowing the characteristics of each type, you can take maximum care of it.  In addition, you should not put the houseplant directly in the sun, as this can cause the plant you plante to burn.

3.     Choose a Pot That Has a Water Hole

When you choose to care for succulent houseplants outdoors, then you need to pay attention to the selection of pots. The pots that are recommende for as a place for planting this houseplant are those that have quite good water holes. If there is stagnant water in the pot, it will most likely cause the succulent houseplant to decay.

Of course, you don’t want the ornamental plants that you have plante and then rot. Constantly allowe decay will lead to death in succulent houseplants. If you are a beginner who is new to growing this ornamental plant, it is worth using a pot of the terracotta type.

4.     Fertilizer Application

Fertilizer can be said to be an additional vitamin neede by every plant. Therefore, when caring for succulent houseplants, you need to apply fertilizer. The application of this fertilizer is not just given directly, but there is an ideal time for fertilizer application.

On these houseplants, you should apply fertilizer in the summertime. When entering summer, this ornamental plant urgently needs more energy to survive. In addition, fertilizer application should also not be too much because it can cause succulent ornamental plants to experience delays in growth or development, so you cannot see their beauty to the fullest.

5.     Stay away from Pests

Pests that affect succulent houseplants can interfere with the health of this ornamental plant. If the health of this plant is already impaire, then its growth will also be disturbe. However, you don’t need to worry if there are pests that hit the succulent houseplants that you care for because you can get rid of them by giving isopropyl alcohol with a level of 70 percent.

As for how to give the alcohol with an ornamental plant atomizer. Usually, the appearance of pests on these houseplants is cause by too frequent application of fertilizers or water. Water and fertilizers applie in excess will subject this houseplant to decay. It is from the decay that the mealybug will arise.

Thus an important review of how much water the succulent needs. So that by knowing the moisture content corresponding to it your plant. It will be better than before so much from me thank you.