How to Grow an Avocado Tree That Bears Fruit, The Results Are Maximum

How to Grow an Avocado Tree That Bears Fruit: Did you know that avocado is one of the commodities that has a fairly wide market and is in great demand. For some people who want to enter the world of agribusiness, of course, you have to how to grow an avocado tree that bears fruit. In addition, not only has a distinctive fruity taste, avocado also has a fairly good economic value as one of the best fruit commodities.

With how to grow an avocado tree that bears fruit and avocado cultivation with ease and more yield? You have to listen to the technical quality of the cultivation, which is the easiest by maximizing the quality of its growth. Some important factors in the cultivation of avocados in large quantities include. Let’s look at the following article from lavitaebellablog.

How to Grow Avocado to Bear Fruit Quickly, Maximum Results

  • Quality of avocado seedlings
  • Fertility of the growing medium
  • Pest and disease control
  • Fertilization

The above factors are one of the considerations for the technical success of growing avocados in the garden or large huma. Then from an economic point of view how? You must understand the business potential of avocado fruit. Here’s the full explanation:

How to Grow an Avocado Tree That Bears Fruit: Avocado Cultivation Business Potential

Avocado fruits are not only sold in retail quantities, but many of them sell avocado fruits in different grades. As one example such as sales in modern supermarkets as well as for export.

Not only that, there are many processed foods derived from avocado, this is definitely interesting and has a lot of wider market potential. Avocado fruits are not only made for juice drinks, but a variety of preparations that have different prices.

One of our friends has shown, getting a harvest of Rp.47,400,000, while huma who does not use GDM Organic products can only get a yield of Rp.40,650,000.

Not only that, the quality of the avocado produced must be very satisfying. Among them are the fruits become larger, smooth and healthy. It must have been curious, right? What are the other benefits obtained when using the GDM Fertilizer product?

Avocado Plant Growing Requirements

The first thing to pay attention to before planting an avocado by knowing the terms of growing the plant. By following the requirements for growing avocado plants, it can be ascertained that avocado plants will grow optimally. Here are the conditions for growing avocado plants:

A. Soil model and PH

Avocado plants to be able to grow optimally require loose soil, not easily flooded, fertile, and a lot of organic matter. Soil types that are good for avocado development are sandy loam (Sandy loam), clay loam (Clay loam), and sedimentary loam (Alluvial loam) soil types. The acidity (Ph) of the soil ranges from 5.6 – 6.4. If the ph is below 5.5 then the plant will suffer from poisoning because the elements Al, Mg, and Fe dissolve in large enough quantities.

B. Height of Cultivation Location

In general, avocado plants can grow in lowlands to highlands, which are 5-1500 meters above sea level. This plant will thrive with satisfactory results at an altitude of 200-1000 meters above sea level. For avocado plants, the Mexican and Guatemalan races are more suitable to be planted at an altitude of 1000 – 2000 meters above sea level, while the West Indies race at an altitude of 5 – 1000 meters above sea level.

C. Climate or Temperature

The optimum temperature for avocado development ranges from 12.8 – 28.3 oc. Given that avocado plants can grow in low to high altitudes, avocado plants can tolerate air temperatures between 15 to 30 oc.

The need for sunlight for avocado development ranges from 40 – 80Persen. Wind is necessary avocado plants for pollination. However, winds with a speed of 63, – 73.6 km / h can break the branches and branches of avocado plants that are relatively soft, weak, and easily broken.

D. Pause Avocado Planting

In the prepare huma, a planting hole with a size of 75x75x75 cm is made depending on the purpose of planting, the state of the soil, and the variety to be plante. For hard, less fertile soils, the size of the planting pit can be enlarge again. The recommende avocado planting pause is 9×12 m. Planting pits for avocados should be prepare 1 – 2 months before planting.

How to Grow Avocado From Seed

1. Avocado Seed or Seed Preparation

High-yielding varieties that are often use are avocado varieties Ijo Panjang, Ijo Bundar, Merah Panjang, Merah Bundar, Mega Gegauan, Mega Paninggahan, and Mega Murapi. The selection of avocado seeds to be use must understand their origins so that the production and quality of the fruits produce can be maximize. A high-yielding variety that is often use is the varietal avocado

  • Long Ijo,
  • Ijo Round
  • Long Red
  • Round Red
  • Mega Gegauan
  • Mega Paninggahan
  • Mega Murapi

Avocado Seed Selection

The selection of avocado seeds to be use must understand their origins so that the production and quality of the fruits produce can be maximize. Here are the stages: The seeds that will be use for rootstock seedlings should be take from fruits that are quite old and ripen trees.

Avocado seeds are selecte those that are pithy, dense, and not wrinkle. Seeds are selecte that are large in size (65 – 68 g). Before the avocado seeds are plante, carry out the process of soaking the avocado seeds first with GDM Fruit Specialist Liquid Organic Fertilizer as much as 30 ml mixe with 1 liter of warm water and soaked for 4-5 hours.

Then it is draine and squeeze with a damp cloth or newsprint. After 2-3 days the avocado seeds will begin to germinate and are ready to be transplante on the seedling medium. The benefits of GDM Liquid Organic Fertilizer Fruit Specialists in the soaking process are to accelerate seed germination and eliminate seed infectious diseases.
This is because the bacteria containe in the GDM Fruit Specialist Liquid Organic Fertilizer can produce hormones to speed up the germination process and produce natural antibiotics to eliminate and protect against seed infectious diseases.

2. Avocado Seed Seeding

The final step in avocado cultivation is to seed avocado seeds. Seeding of avocado seeds must be carry out in a place that is conducive to animal and human disturbances, close to water sources, and strategically locate for easy management. Not only that, it must have shade to protect the seedlings from the scorching direct sunlight and the torrent of rainwater.

o   Avocado Seed SeedIng Material

The materials that must be prepare before the process of seeding avocado seeds are:

  • Polybag size 15 x 21 cm
  • Soil mixture + manure + sand/husk (2:1:1)

o   How to Seed Avocado Seeds

Seeding seeds in polybags is carrie out as follows, namely: A slightly flat base of the seed is place on the bottom and the pointe end of the seed and it has been cut off 1/3 of the end facing up. In the end, these seeds are place under shelter. Approximately 3 weeks after planting, the seeds will begin to germinate and form seedling offspring.

Well, those are some important reviews about how to plant a fruitful avocado tree by knowing that way you will be easier to grow avocado better than before, thank you.