How to Grow Lavender from Seeds Easily

How to grow lavender from seeds – Lavender flowers are known as flowers with a distinctive fragrance and color and also have many benefits, including health benefits. Many think lavender flowers are difficult to plant, even though lavender is a plant that lacks care.

Most people want to grow lavender flowers because of their many benefits. On this occasion, we will discuss how to grow lavender from seeds. To make it easier, you have to understand what kind of environment is suitable for growing lavender flowers and what kind of atmosphere should be avoided.

Well, if you want to know, how to grow lavender from seeds in a place to live easily, then look at some of the tips summarized below by lavitaebellablog.

How to Grow Lavender Flowers from Seedlings Easily

1.     Pay attention to planting pauses

If you want to plant lavender flowers in the yard, make sure the gap between one plant and another ranges from 30-45 cm. Also make sure that the place gets a lot of sunlight. What you need to pay attention to, moist soil is not good for lavender. So try to get the soil well through the water.

2.     Planting in a pot

If you plant lavender in a pot, coat the bottom of the pot with styrofoam which has a thickness of approximately 5 cm. This method will keep the pot in dry so that Lavender does not become damaged. Plant each lavender in one pot and place it in the center.

3.     Use white gravel stones

Lavender flowers can thrive in hot weather and this method can also help maintain the temperature of the plant. Some people are happy to use white gravel stones in lavender plants. Not only good for decoration arrangements, this method is also good for absorbing heat so that the atmosphere of the ground is always dry. Lavender flowers can thrive in hot weather and this method can also help maintain the temperature of the plant.

4.     Tips for watering plants

As mentioned earlier, very moist soil is not great for growing lavender. So water the lavender plant if the soil is very dry when touched only. Also make sure that the moisture content is time, not really much and not very little. Very little water can also cause fungi so lavender is difficult to grow properly.

5.     Ensure sufficient sunlight

If the lavender plant is planted in a pot, you can easily move the pot to get enough sunlight. However, if you plant it in the garden, make sure the chosen place gets at least 8 hours of sunlight per day. Remember, lavender plants need sunlight to grow strong and healthy.

6.     Tidying up the branches

Make sure your lavender plant is not filled with stems and roots that will make it look messy. Do not be afraid to tidy up the branches. Chances are you only need to do pruning once a year, but tidying up the branches can be done as often as possible adjusted to the atmosphere of the plant.

7.     The harvest season arrives

When the lavender plant has harvested a lot, make sure you store it in a dry place. For best results, store it in a warm, dark place, and hang it in an upside-down atmosphere. Inside 10-14 days this plant can be used for various purposes.

There are models of lavender flowers, these can be distinguished by their aroma. You can also plant fragrant lavender flowers in your residence. The benefits of the aroma of lavender flowers can not only repel mosquitoes but can also be brewed into tisane that can relax.

Types of Lavender from Seeds that can be Planted in Tropical Places

Types of lavender that can be grown in tropical or lowland places between an altitude of 500-1300 meters above sea level include French lavender and lavandula latifolia. There are 2 kinds of seeds that can be chosen if you want to plant in a place of residence, namely the stem and from the seeds. Well, if you want to decorate your residence with purple flowers along with a scent of fragrance, that’s the order of how to grow lavender flowers from seeds.

1.     Prepare the seeds of lavender flowers

Growing lavender flowers from seeds requires determination, foresight, and patience in caring for them until the lavender seeds sprout. This way of growing shoots is called the stratification process. Before laying on the stratification medium, lavender flower seeds need to be soaked in water first.

Then prepare a damp cotton swab. Cotton wool is placed on a flat area, but avoid stagnant water to reduce the potential for seeds to rot or mold. Then put the seeds on it and also water with a spray before drying every day. To speed up budding, roll up a cotton swab and place it in a plastic container then put in the refrigerator. Normally, the seeds will begin to sprout after 3 weeks.

2.     Seeding

Before sowing, prepare a planting medium from a mixture of soil, sand or burnt husks, and compost. You can buy a ready mixture of planting media in the plant store. Secondly, prepare a pot or container with good water circulation. Namely a pot whose bottom has been hollowed out so that the humidity of the planting medium is balanced.

Thirdly, put the planting medium in the pot, hole it, and transfer the lavender flower sprouts in it. How to put the root seeds on the bottom and leave a little of the shoots poking out above the surface of the planting medium.

3.     Watering

Because Indonesia is in the tropics, the intensity of watering needs to be considered. When you are still small or have just been removed from the stratification medium, the most appropriate watering technique is to use a spray. This is done so as not to break the still stoic stem.

The intensity of watering can be worked out 2 times a day if the weather is dry. Center once a day when the middle temperature is humid. Well, the abundance of water can also be recognized. The lower leaves will be yellow if the planting medium is completely wet or mostly water.

4.     Lavender flower care

Caring for a plant includes regular watering, applying fertilizer, pruning old leaves, defending against pests and plant diseases. Activities to care for lavender flowers that need to be done include applying fertilizer every 3 months, pruning if the leaves are very dense, and checking if there are changes in the water and growth.

5.     Defend against pest infestation

Pests most often attack plants in the dry season. Pests that often attack lavender flowers include aphids, mealybugs, whitefly, and caterpillars. This can be solved by periodically checking your plants. Because if one is attacked, it is not immediately eradicated, it can attack other plants.

How to get rid of pests can be by spraying insecticides. There are also various choices of insecticides, the most appropriate to maintain the living habitat of plants choose insecticides that are environmentally friendly. Well, that’s an important review regarding how to plant levender from seeds with this article hopefully useful and can help you in planting lavender flowers, thank you.