Come on, Know How to Plant Apple Seeds Properly and Correctly

Apples are fresh and crunchy fruits rich in water, vitamins B and C. All over the world, apples are the most frequently consumed fruits. This makes the demand for apples constantly increasing so that their cultivation is carried out regularly in all places. Because of how to plant apple seeds well, you must know so that later you can cultivate this plant.

Ripe apples are generally red, although there are also those that ripen in a green, or yellowish-green atmosphere. Red apples are one of the most popular types of apples because of their red appeal and can be appetizing. But green apples are no less attractive, the taste remains sweet but usually crispier and sometimes tastes sour. Let’s see more articles from lavitaebellablog below.

Come on, Know How to Plant Apple Seeds Properly and Correctly

All of them have their own privileges. Apple fruits can be grown by cuttings or grafts also by means of their seeds. On this occasion we will share how to plant apple seeds let’s look at it together with the presentation of this article.

Red apples are fruits that have a very fresh taste. There are 2 common ways to grow apples. The first way is to use cuttings or graft plants and the second way is by seeds directly. Because growing apples by seedling cuttings is common, in this explanation we will explain how to grow red apples from seeds.

At first, apple plants did grow through seeds, but with the growth of the times, another method of planting apple trees emerged, namely by cuttings or grafts. To grow a red apple tree by using seeds, you need quality seeds. In how to grow apples from seeds, the quality of the apple tree is indeed very determined from the quality of the seeds you choose.

Choose Good Apple Seeds to Plant

Good seeds are from apples that have high-yielding varieties. It would be better if you planted the apple seeds you bought from the fruit plant store. It is not all apples that you can eat can produce seeds that can grow. You certainly don’t want to wait long to see the apple seeds grow, but the seeds you are waiting for do not grow because they come from ordinary apples.

To be able to grow apple seeds requires a special treatment and can only be done by apple growers. If you already have quality apple seeds then you can plant the apple seeds. A good way to grow apples from seeds is to let the seeds grow on a pot. With seeds growing in pots, you can monitor the growth of these seeds.

If the seeds have grown then you should not immediately move the existing plants. You have to wait until the plant has a size of more than 25 cm. This is if you plant a plant that has a size of less than 25 cm, the plant will be easy to die. How to grow apples from seeds is indeed quite easy as long as you want to be patient.

When the plant is still in the pot, you have to add a lot of additional nutrients to the plant. In how to grow apples from seeds, it is very important to always add nutrients to plants. This is because the pot has a small size and if it is not given additional nutrients, the plant will not thrive.

Winter Simulation To Make Seeds Germinated

  • Choose seed seeds of superior or of the highest quality, in order to produce a prime apple tree.
  • At the end put the seeds dry. You can put it on paper or cloth so that the outer skin of the seeds becomes dry and not damp.
  • After that, wrap the seeds in wet wipes and put them in a sealed container. It can be wrapped in a plastic bag, put in a jar that has an epilogue, or in a tupperware container.
  • Then place your seeds in the refrigerator or refrigerator with a temperature of 4.4 – 10 degrees C. Place the seeds in the refrigerator for 8 weeks. In this process, the seeds will remove their buds.
  • After 8 weeks, your seed seeds should have removed the sprouts. Remove from the refrigerator and these seeds are ready for transfer on the soil medium.

Transplanting Germinated Seeds Into Pots

  • First, prepare a container in the form of a small-sized pot. Then fill it with soil with a neutral ph. It is not necessary to additionally supplement such soil with a mixture of fertilizers for the beginning of pedanaman.
  • Make hollows on the soil 2 or 3 times larger than the size of the seeds. Carefully lay the seeds of such seeds in the soil basin, then cover them again with earth.
  • Pat the ground gently. Then, water it with water to keep the soil moist.
  • Place at room temperature and provide direct exposure to sunlight.

Moving a Small Apple Tree On Huma Land

What must be considered is, when the seeds that you have planted in a small pot have grown, do not immediately move them to the soil huma because basically, the stems, roots, as well as the leaves are still prone to death. So you have to wait until the plant is already 25cm tall. After that, you can follow the following:

  • Plant on a moist huma with a neutral ph.
  • Give huma that can be exposed to direct sunlight. Unless it can be planted facing eastwards.
  • Make sure to be given additional space to grow the roots later. So if planting several trees, then give a break between one sapling and another approximately 4.5 or 5 meters.
  • Water a small tree by 10 to 12 days. But when it has grown large, it can be reduced watering. In essence, the apple tree can not grow on dry soils, nor too wet soils. Water it by retaining its soil moisture.
  • Provide nutrient intake in the form of fertilizers with a percentage of nitrogen and oxides (Npk) 10-10-10.
  • Constantly monitor its growth, and do not forget to protect it from the disruption of the disease as well as those animals that love to eat dedaudan.

The level of success of apple pedanaman by using seeds is not as smooth as pedanaman by cuttings. But if the advantages of how to grow apples from mamu seeds will get a whole apple tree, growing large from the roots to the tops of the leaves. Those are some important reviews on how to grow apple seeds if you have apple seeds, it doesn’t hurt to know how to grow apples, thank you for your attention.