Let’s Find Out, Is Onion a Vegetable

Is Onion a Vegetable – Onions are one of the vegetable commodities that have an important meaning for the population, when viewed from their high economic value and from their high nutritional content. This is because onion plants are a necessity that is used as a complement to cooking spices and consumed daily. Well, on this occasion we will discuss about is an onion a vegetable of course because onions are categorized as vegetables because they are a cooking necessity.

However, it turns out that the onion plant does not come from Indonesia. In general, it comes from its place of origin which is then cultivated in Indonesia. Well, here is a review of is onion a vegetable by lavitaebellablog, let’s look at it together.

Let’s Find Out, Is an Onion a Vegetable

  • Shallot

The onion plant comes from Central Asia, especially in the vicinity of Palestine and India. But some literature also estimates onion crops to be native to Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean.

Onion plants are the oldest crops of other crops. This can be proven because the Egyptians in the ages I and II or 3200-2700 BC, often painte shallots on their statues and monuments.

The time in Israel of the onion crop is thought to have been known since 1500 BC. Meanwhile, in Antique Greece, shallots have been develope as a vehicle for medicine since 2100 BC.

  • Latin Name Shallot

Shallots have the Latin name Allium cepa L. Onions being annuals classifie as derive from the divisio Spermatophyta, from the sub-divisiono Angiosperms, from the cassicose Monocotyledonae, from the order Asparagales or Lilliitanamane, from the family Alliacea or Amaryllidaceae, from the genus Alllium, and from the species Allium cepa group Aggregatum.

  • Morphological Characteristics of Shallots

The morphological characteristics of shallots are that they have layere bulbs, have fiber roots and are cylindrically leafy like pipes. Shallots also have a true stem calle “Discus” which has a disc-like shape, thin and short as a place where the roots and root buds are attache and also the buds or the origin point of growth.

The base on the leaves of the onion manunggal forms a pseudo-stem. The pseudo-stem is in the ground and deforms into a lapis or bulbus tuber. On the onion disc between the layers of the leaf petals there are buds that can grow into new plants. This new plant is calle by its lateral shoots or saplings.

Such lateral shoots or saplings will form new discs, and form new layer bulbs. At the base of the onion disc grow root fibers and in the middle there is the main bud that will grow the fastest and is recognize as an apical bud.

Flowers on onions are perfect or Hermaphroditus which consists of 5-6 strands of stamens. The stamens themselves are arrange in two circles, namely the circle inside and the outer circle. In the outer circle there are 3 stamens, and in the circle inside there are also 3 stamens.

The stamens on the outer circle of the shallot will usually grow up within 2 to 3 days. Center the stamens locate in the circle inside will grow faster than the outer circle.

After arriving at consumers, shallots are usually processe by mashing them then mixing them into culinary or can also be cut and then frie as a seasoning in various types of culinary.

  • Garlic

Garlic or Allium sativum or in English garlic is the name of a plant of the genus Allium. It has a history of use for more than 7,000 years already use by humans. Garlic is grow and comes from mainly in Central Asia, and has long been a food ingredient in places more or less the Mediterranean Sea, and is also a common spice in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Known in antique Egyptian records, it is use both as a culinary mixture and a medicine. Bulbs from the garlic plant are the main ingredients for the basic seasoning of Indonesian culinary. Garlic is very popular in Indonesia because it is use in almost every food and culinary as a seasoning.

  • White Onion

Onions are one of the most widely cultivate types of onions in the world. With the Latin name Allium Cepa Linnaeus. Bulbs on onions are forme from layers, enlarge and disambiguate leaves.

It is calle onion because it was brough by traders from the city of Bombay or Mumbai in India to Indonesia. They are large in size the size of a golf ball, the bulbs are cosy, layere, high in water content, and gummy. The shape, with light yellow and golden flesh, and also has a thin skin.

Bawang Bombay is the most widely and widely cultivate type of onion because it is often use as a spice and culinary ingredient. Onions are use as a spice for various culinary delights. Generally, onions are finely choppe and made into a mixture of main dishes, salads, and also snacks.

Onions are commonly use in various culinary delights around the world, including in Indonesia, as well as in other countries such as in America and Europe. So Onions are commonly cooked, baked, fried, baked, even eaten raw.

Onions are often adde as a flavor enhancer and an enhancer to the appearance of dishes. This is because its delicious taste but not very good aroma is perfect for a variety of culinary models.

Onions are large round in shape and thick fleshy. Onions have a distinctive aroma when compare to ordinary shallots, onions are better know as vegetables than as spices or as culinary flavorings.

It is usually use as a mixture of salads, soupy vegetables, stir-fry, and complementary main dishes. Each type of onion, be it onion, garlic or onion has a sharp and unique aroma, very suitable as a culinary flavoring.

  • Single Onion

Single onions are commonly referre to as lanang onions. Single onions are colore like garlic, but they are more rounde in shape and dense and hard in texture. The skin of a single onion looks dense and not as light as the thin skin of garlic. Lanang onions are more widely use as medicine than as a culinary seasoning.

  • Onions

Onions or leeks or green Onions or Scallions is a model of onions whose Latin name is Allium fistulosum L. Onions in English are calle Welsh onions or in Japanese they are calle bunching onions.

Onion is a vegetable that is often use as an enhancer of aroma and taste in culinary, and also to beautify the culinary appearance. Not only as an addition to culinary seasonings, it turns out that onions are very useful for a person’s health, especially since they can be use as a medicinal plant.

It has a delicate and crispy taste when eaten, a taste and aroma that is very similar to onions in general. And can also be use for cooking seasonings in the form of soup, stir-fry or vegetables or for a mixture of whippe egg complements.

Well, that’s an important review of whether the onion is a vegetable, hopefully the exposure above can help you so much from me thank you for your attention.