Let’s Know Starting Lavender from Seed

Starting lavender from seed is actually not easy, and it is also not too difficult at all. There are so many ways for us to grow Lavender Flowers, but not a few have tried and on the results failed and so on. On this occasion we invite you to grow lavender starting from seeds.

In general, lavender flowers are also known as flowers for mosquito repellents. Moreover, there are some insect repellent products that also use lavender flowers as the basic ingredient for making products. The ability to repel insects derived from the scent of Lavender Flowers. The aroma can contain linalool and linalyl which is not liked by mosquitoes.

Therefore, it is very important to Starting lavender from seed to reduce insects around your home, so what are you waiting for, let’s see the following related articles by lavitaebellablog:

Come on, Know The Easy Way to Grow Lavender Flowers from Seeds

But, for humans themselves, the scent of lavender flowers actually adds an impact to be able to soothe.  If you are still curious to understand how to grow Lavender Flowers starting from seeds, then you should be obliged to read this article thoroughly, happy reading.

How to Grow Lavender Flowers

Growing Lavender Flowers from seeds doesn’t always work in the process, but it’s often cheaper than having to buy Lavender Flora by cuttings or seedlings, and you’ll also get equally bright and beautiful flowers.

1. Lavender Seed Stratification

Lavender Flower seeds or seeds in order to sprout or germinate optimally, it is necessary to have a stratification terminate in Lavender Flower seeds, namely by creating an environment for Lavender Flower seeds adapted to their natural habitat. and you can follow the steps I gave in the lavender flower seedlings quickly sprouted:

  • Take some tissues or you can use a cotton swab, then you can moisten the tissue / cotton swab using an air sprayer finely.
  • It is enough just to moisten it, and do not let there be stagnant water so that the seeds or seeds do not sow or rot. The size of the moisture is that there is no more water still dripping even though the tissue / cotton wool has been swung around.
  • Finally put the tissue / cotton swab in the plastic bag that you have prepared.
  • Take the soaked Lavender seeds / seeds and you drain the Lavender Flower seeds, then place the Lavender Flower seeds on a tissue / cotton swab with a parallel pause.
  • Roll it on its plastic bag starting from the bottom so that most of the air in it will be able to escape. After rolling, then in the end you immediately close the plastic bag.
  • Put the plastic bag in the refrigerator (Not in the freezer) for 3 weeks, for stratification.
  • The ideal temperature required for Lavender Flower seeds is actually between 1 to 5 C, so if possible place it in a location that has a temperature of 1 to 10 C or close to a temperature of 10 C.

Maintenance in Starting lavender from seed

Check it out every week and you can adjust to the circumstances if needed. so that you can check very carefully, by taking it on the plastic bag from the refrigerator cabinet, then check it very carefully. If the condition remains fine, then you can put the plastic bag back in the refrigerator cabinet.

If there is a condensation process or it appears like dew then you can lift the plastic bag and tap it slowly to drop on the water grains. Finally, you can put the plastic bag back in the refrigerator cabinet with the positioned part laid on the reverse side so that the wet Lavender Flower seeds can become dry. If the tissue/cotton swab is dry, and add a drop or two of water.

If fungi have appeared or on black spots on a seed, then you can pull out the Lavender Flower seed and clean it if it is very possible. But if it is difficult for you to clean, then remove the Lavender Flower seeds. If it turns out that all the Lavender Flower seeds in the bag are attacked by fungi, then you can add a little fungicide.

After 3 weeks have passed, then remove the Lavender Flower seeds from the refrigerator cabinet and carry out the germination process. If there are one or several Lavender Flower seeds / seeds that have grown prospective roots (1 to 3 mm) before 3 weeks, then you can immediately remove them from the refrigerator the sprouted Lavender Flower seeds, and do the germ process.

2. Lavender Seeds

Germinating Lavender Flower seeds or germination of Lavender Flower seeds is an era. Of the process of making so that the seeds can secrete buds (Germinated). You can prepare a germination container (The area for lavender flower seeds / seeds will sprout / germinate). Which is to use paper towels or towels that are easy to cut, then you can and also a plastic bag that can be closed.

Take a germination container (paper towel / tissue), then you moisten it on the germination container using a fine water sprayer. Just damp it, don’t let there be stagnant water so that the seeds of Lavender Flowers are not moldy or rotten. Water to moisten paper wipes / towels should preferably bottled water or boiled water.

Starting lavender from seed: For Undated Lavender Flower Seeds

  • Take the stratified Lavender Flower seeds. Then you can place the Lavender Flower seeds on paper towels / towels with a neat pause. And the seeds should not be covered again by using paper towels / towels.
  • Next, put the paper towel / towel that has loaded lavender. Flower seeds into a plastic bag and close the plastic bag tightly.

For already grown Lavender Seeds(1 To 3 mm)

  • Take the lavender flower seeds that have sprouted. Then you can place the Lavender flower seeds on paper towels / towels with a neat pause. And the seeds should not be covered again with paper towels / towels.
  • Finally put the paper towel / tissue in the plastic bag and the plastic should not be closed again.
  • If using tissues, then use 2 to 3 stacke wipes so that the germination container is not too thin.
  • Then you can put the plastic in a bright place. Which is a place that is in direct sunlight but avoids rain. For example near a glass vent, or on the terrace of a residence that is protecte from direct rain.
  • Check it every day and adjust it to the conditions if neede.
  • If the paper towels/towels have starte to dry, then you can add one or two drops of water.
  • If fungi or dark spots have appeare on the seeds. Then you can lathe the Lavender Flower seeds and clean them if you can. But if it is difficult to clean, then remove the seeds.
  • If all the Lavender Flower seeds inside are attacke by fungi, add a little fungicide.
  • Lavender seeds/seeds will secrete their buds (Germinate) after 1 to 4 weeks. The time require for each Lavender Flower seed to sprout will not be uniform. Because it depends on the quality of each Lavender Flower seed. And also the environment / atmosphere of each Lavender Flower seed.
  • If the seeds of Lavender Flowers have begun to appear sprouts / buds approximately 0.9 to 2.1 cm. Then transfer the seeds of Lavender Flowers that have sprouted to the seedling / planting medium lavender flowers.

Well, those are the reviews about growing starting lavender from seeds with lavender seeds are widely used by many. People so many need to grow it, from me thank you.