The History of Characteristics and Types of Dahlias You Need to Know

Types of Dahlias – The dahlia flower, admired for its floral aesthetics, turns out to hold many special benefits. Well, Dahlias whose flowers are various colors such as white, red, purple, yellow, orange, and combinations have inulin content in their tubers so there are many types of dahlias that exist.

Inulin is a component of foodstuffs with a high percentage of fiber that is very beneficial for health. Inulin is a polymer of fructose units that can dissolve young in water. Enzyme-Enim digestion cannot digest it, but can be fermented by colonic microplants (Colon). Therefore, inulin serves as a prebiotic.

Well, in this article you will know the various types of dahlias and the history in them. Let’s look at the following related by lavitaebellablog:

Characteristics history and types of Dahlia Flowers You Need to Know

Prebiotics are a food component that functions as a beneficial plant micro-substrate in the intestine. Since a long time ago, Dahlia flower bulbs have been famous as a food ingredient. The carbohydrate content in the tubers makes it an alternative food. For this reason, dahlian flowers have many benefits and various types of dahlias that you need to know.

History of the Dahlia Flower

As written by Professor Saryono (Professor of Biochemistry FMIPA Universitas Riau), Dahlia flower bulbs as a food ingredient began to be famous in the 1840s. In those days, there was a kind of epidemic of diseases that damaged potato crop production in France that later turned attention to Dahlia.

But, long before, people in Mexico had already used Dahlia tubers as food. The Mexicans moreover refer to dahlia tubers as camotes del cerro which means sweet potatoes from the mountainside. Mexicans process it by cooking it like a sweet potato.

Dahlias are a grassy horticultural plant with two-split seeds (Dicotyledonae) of the compositae family. The designation dahlia was given in the early 19th century—when the seeds were sent to Berlin—based on the designation of a Swedish plant-based expert Prof. Andreas Dahl, a student of plant taxonomy expert Linnaeus.

In eastern Europe, this flower is also called “Georgina”, based on vegetable expert Johann Georgi from Petersburg, Russia. Dahlias native to the mountains of Mexico and Guatemala were first cultivated by the Aztecs.

The Aztecs named it cocoxochitl meaning “Water stick” likely because the stem was hollow and watery. The Aztecs used it to treat epilepsy. The importance of Dahlias for the Aztecs is also shown by the design of this flower in the clothing of the Aztec nobles.

Dahlia Flower Color

Chili-red dahlias are associate with the Aztecs’ “God of the dawn” name Tiahuizcalpanteuctli (Whitley, 1985). They calle this flower acoctli in Mexican, and began collecting dahlias in Spain. The center of the spread of Dahlias is the mountains and places of lava flows in the south of Mexico (Whitley, 1985).

Now, Dahlia is the national flower of Mexico area she discovere by the Aztec Indians for the first time. In Europe, the cultivation of Dahlias began in 1789. From the Royal Botanical Garden in Madrid Spain, dahlias also spread throughout western Europe. With flowers of various shapes, sizes and colors.

The history of Dahlia’s cultivation tells that Spanish plant-base experts brought to Mexico discovere the Dahlia as we know it today as a tree Dahlia with a single flower petal. The hybridization of this plant began in the early 18th century, since then there have been double-eare Dahlias.

Now, it is known to thousands of Dahlia cultivars with various types, sizes and colors of unique flowers. After more than 200 years of cultivation, the process of selective breeding and hybridization, it has already produce almost 50,000 nicknames of Dahlia flower varieties. Dahlia species in Indonesia are generally species of the Entemophyllon section and herbaceous stemme Dahlias.

Characteristics of Dahlia Flowers

This flower is include in the list of grassy shrubs. Which has perenial characteristics aka year. This flower can expand from the beginning of summer let alone until autumn. The Dahlia flower comes from the country of Mexico and is name the national flower there. This is suspecte of the exoticism and also the aesthetics it presents. This beautiful flower is often said to be difficult to bree.

Inside one common bulb grows only one flower. But, about its beauty, don’t ask. Flowers with pointe and symmetrical petals can captivate anyone. Dahlias are include in the list of foods for Lepidoptera. that is, homogeneous beautiful butterfly larvae.

The Meaning of Dahlia Flowers

The Dahlia flower is interprete as a tribute. This flower is often use as a bouquet of flowers on exclusive occasions, such as weddings. It has a symmetrical, pointe flower petal shape and also has a sequence pattern. Makes the charm of the dahlia flower remain alluring. Especially on this kind of occasion. The gradation of the color of this flower

Adapte to its appearance so beautiful and elegant. Flowers show the meaning of prestige, commitment, and immortality. Therefore, not infrequently this flower is often use as a symbolization in weddings.

The Philosophy of Dahlia Flowers

Known to be difficult to bree, this flower requires a certain amount of care. Including firmness, kink to the accuracy of planting. Thus, many mention the philosophy of dahlias can be as a symbolization of patience.

So, this flower can be use as a gift for a special person. It may be faithful, patient in educating or accompanying you. Its various colors can also contribute to the meaning of life that must be fought for

Dahlia Flower Model

There are many variants or types of beautiful dahlia flowers that can be found, such as:

·        Yuki Temari Dahlia

Meksi has an element of the nickname from the land of Sakura. However, this plant is not from Japan. Yuki Temari Dahlia is synonymous with pure white and alluring colors. You can see in place the juice of white flowers tends to be pink. It is toute as a charming and elegant cooperation.

·        Hanakerusai Dahlia

This second type is striking in red with yellow accents in the middle. The shape of the flower crown is slightly pointe and clustere so it is very impresse to be superimpose.

·        Yellow Dahlias

Color lovers will definitely be fascinate by this third model. Like other types, yellow dahlias have a crown with tiny, clustere details. Its long stalk confirms its extremely precise shape. Actually, there are many types of dahlias that you can know. If you are still curious, you can explore the nearest florist in your city.

Well, that’s the explanation that can be use as a reference and known the types of dahlias that exist from me, thank you for your attention.