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For owners of dwellings, weeds or weeds are enemies that can interfere with aesthetics. Not only that. The grass can also damage buildings and look dirty so it looks creepy. A place to live with weeds will definitely not be comfortable to live in. It will also invite wild animals to live here. Surely this will endanger the inhabitants of the dwelling. Well, therefore When To Dethatch Lawn you can try it from now on.

Unfortunately, the development of this weed is very fast. It can grow in between gardens, paving blocks or fracturing walls that will then trigger the walls to break. To deal with weeds, there is a way that you can practice, namely in the traditional way and using grass repellent liquid. Here’s When To Dethatch Lawn, let’s look at the discussion of this article by lavitaebellablog below.

Here’s the Most Powerful Grass Poison Brand You Should Try

Eradicating Grass in the Conventional Way

However, before that you need to recognize the models of weeds or weeds that are commonly weeds in your home. Weeds of the nuisance grass consist of several types, namely grass-group weeds in the form of reeds, japang grass, cynodon dactylon and many more. There are also weeds of the grass group whose stems are triangular, round and hollow. At the very end, there is a broadleaf weed that generally propagates on the medium in which it grows.

Weeds-Weeds can be exterminated in the traditional way. What is meant by eradicating clay grass in the traditional way is to weed regularly. That way the development of the grass will stop and the grass will not grow high damaging the aesthetics of your home.

If you’re not patient enough to weed the weeds in your garden you can use some objects to stop the development of the bully grass. For example, with materials that are in the place of residence, such as


It could be that some of us used to hear that salt can repel snakes as shown in Bollywood movie stories. Unfortunately, it’s just a myth. Due to the fact that snakes are not afraid of salt. The more so the skin is slippery and the salt will not stick to the snake skin.

Salt may not work on snakes, but salt is really effective for eradicating weeds. You just sprinkle salt on top of the annoying weeds and then leave it for a while until the salt gets wet. Slowly- Huma salt will absorb the water in the grass so that over time the weed will dry out and then die. After that, you will easily pull out the grass later.


The combination of gasoline and salt will produce one powerful weed-repellent liquid. Add urea fertilizer and liquid laundry soap for maximum results. These four materials will come together into a grass repellent so that you don’t have to struggle to weed the grass in your residence.

Put the four ingredients into the spray bottle to make it easier to distribute the grass poison liquid. There is something you need to remember. Eradicating weeds with this liquid is a little risk of contaminating other plants as well as the soil. So, if you intend to create your own grass poison from these ingredients, you should be careful. Do not let other plants die from the poison liquid.


Not only the two ingredients that are often found in the place of residence, you can use vinegar liquid to eradicate grass. This liquid, which is commonly used for cooking, has levels that can damage the grass, let alone make it die.

Vinegar liquid and dish soap are a great mixture to make the grass stop growing. Put vinegar and dish soap liquid into the spray bottle, then mix well. After that spray it on this grass that you wash off.

The Most Powerful Grass Poison Brand

Not only with these ingredients, you can eradicate weeds using chemical liquids. This liquid is indeed more effective and practical because the grass can be eradicated to the roots. The most potent and numerous grass poisons on the market are the following

1. Roundup Weed &amp Grass Killer Concentrate Plus

This grass poison is the most famous brand among farmers and planters. This grass poison was created to eradicate even the most wayward grass to its roots. The way to apply this grass is to put it in a spray tank. Grass poison and tanks of this sprayer are sold separately. You can get such tanks in agricultural equipment stores. You can apply this grass poison to trees, bushes and flowers.

Therefore, you can spray the liquid if weeds grow on your plant plots. The liquid can also be sprayed on alleys in your home, yards and small streets according to your wishes. This liquid is also very likely to be sprayed on rocky places and map straw where grasses can grow in unwanted places.

Roundup Weed &amp Grass Killer grass poison was created with advanced technology that can eradicate weeds in a matter of hours. You can see the results after 12 hours of spraying grass poison. The poison of this grass is also waterproof. That is, you can water the plants after 30 minutes from spraying the grass poison. Price range: Rp 20.000 – Rp 53.000

2. Southern Ag 2,4-D Amine Weed Killer

It is certain that this grass poison is one of the best choice grass poisons. This product is the best selective grass poison that can clear your land of obstructive weeds.

This product will not touch the grass and will directly attack broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, poison ivy, to clover. If you want the weeds to be wiped out, you can use this product. This product will only remove the weeds that you don’t crave without touching your favorite precious plants. That’s why this poison is nicknamed Selective Weed Killer.

Southern Ag 2,4-D Amine Weed Killer creates a grass poison that works effectively only on the grasses on your land. If you want your garden plot to remain beautiful without grass and other nuisance plants, you can use this product to eradicate them. Price range: Rp 381.000 – Rp 802.000

3. Compare-N-Save Grass And Weed Killer Best Budget Weed Killer Solution

Talking about killing plant pests in the form of weeds and other weeds, you can’t miss this product. Weeds and nuisance plants will disappear from your beloved lawn and garden. Compare-N-Save Grass And Weed Killer is a grass poison that eradicates grass without feather ruffles. Once you spray this product, the plants affected by the liquid will dry out and die.

The greatness of this liquid lies in the concentration fluid consisting of 41percent glyphosate formula. The product works effectively to contain the protein needed by the grass to grow. After use, you may expect the results to be immediately visible.

Take it easy. This herbicide can see results within 2 or 4 days. Not only grass, but newly emerged shoots are lost forever. This poison can eradicate grasses that have grown perennially and perennially. After being given this grass poison you will not see any more nuisance plants in your huma or garden. Price range: Rp 240.000 – Rp 902.000

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