Let’s Find Out Where do Truffles Grow Map Naturally

Although it is very difficult, of course, if you have knowledge and also qualified abilities for the cultivation of truffle fungi, it does not mean that we cannot. It should also be noted that truffle fungi are not familiar enough among Indonesians. Well, for that let’s know where do truffles grow map.

The most loved type is the white truffle type because it is recognized to have a sharper aroma. This truffle fungus is not consumed in the form of a dish, but is only added to the food style to enrich the taste and aroma.

In fact, the amount added is only a small amount. For this reason, there are many types of truffles that are widely liked by most people and where do truffles grow map. let’s look at the article from lavitaebellablog below.

Let’s Find Out Where do Truffles Grow Map Naturally

Black truffle fungi if converted to a price per kilo reach 30 million rupiah, while white truffle fungi can cost 120 million rupiah perkilonya. Therefore, the number of consumers of this fungus is also limited. To cultivate truffle fungi naturally in Indonesia, you must pay attention to the following.

Cultivation Site Selection

As much as possible, choose a place with a weather, geographical, soil, and landscape atmosphere that supports it so that cultivation will not be in vain and can provide additional optimal results.

where do truffles grow map: Oak Tree Planting

Truffle fungi are a style of fungi that grow and are symbiotic with oak or oak roots. Therefore, you have to plant an oak tree first. Thus, it is naturally expected that truffle fungi will be able to grow.

Oak itself is a style of plant that can grow in almost all regions of the hemisphere including Indonesia. For planting oak trees, make planting holes with a pause of 3—3.5 meters per plant. Then, instill the seedling into the planting pit and add manure.

Care and Maintenance

Watering or watering is mandatory to make the plant survive. Even at the time of the beginning of the era of development. Just then, weeding is carried out to get rid of annoying plants such as weeds or weeds. A minimum of weeding is paid once every 3 months. This is also to anticipate so that plants can grow and develop optimally.

Fertilization is given to ensure the plant thrives. The trick is to add additional nutrients through the roots of the plant. Fertilizers can be applied directly by sowing or also dissolved along with the watering process. The fertilizer that is commonly applied is a Complete NPK fertilizer that has a dose of Nitrogen, Phospat, and Potassium.

Truffles are an enlarged part of the fungus Ascomycetes, which is a species of fungi of the genus Tuber. Truffles are ectomycorrhizal fungi, these fungi are usually found in the roots of trees. So basically truffle fungi can only be found below the surface of the soil, so to find them need protection from the dog’s keen sense of smell.

So it is not surprising that the price of this truffel fungus is very expensive. The spread of spores is obtained through fungivores, animals that feed on fungi. This truffle fungus is better known as a dish that complements most european cuisine. So the majority of truffle fungi consumers are in mainland Europe.

How to Cultivate Truffle Fungi in Indonesia

·        Get to Know the Truffle Model

Europeans know two types of truffles, namely white truffles and also black truffles. However, the recognized type of white truffle has a sharp aroma. The price of this truffle fungus is very expensive, black truffle fungi (Tuber melanosporum) if converted the price can reach 30 million rupiah / kg, while white truffle fungi (Tuber magnatum ) can cost up to 120 million rupiah / kg.

This is because to obtain this fungus is very difficult, because basically truffle fungi can only be found below the soil surface, namely in the roots of trees and plants, so to find them need protection from the dog’s keen sense of smell.

But of course, getting quality truffle fungi is not an easy thing, because at least two years old to produce a distinctive aroma, the longer the life of the fungus, the more expensive and preferred by consumers.

·        Understand the Life Characteristics of Truffle Fungi

Truffle fungi are always symbiotic with the roots of oak plants. Not only that, you must understand the other characteristics of truffle fungi, including the environmental atmosphere that must be made specific, in the sense that in their natural habitat truffle fungi will be found in the interior of the wilderness which is still natural and also humid.

The region where it grows is not a place with extreme circumstances, so it is actually not recommended to carry out cultivation in Indonesia.  Because with an uncertain weather situation, the factors and risks of failure will also be very large.

The atmosphere of the soil should be fertile and loose and also not get full sun exposure. The original habitat of truffle fungi is a country that has 4 seasons. The most ideal location that can be referenced is the place of the Italian alba.

·        Truffle Fungi Cultivation Site Selection

We recommend that the selection of the cultivation site must be properly observed. Because if not, then surely the cultivation will only be in vain. Moreover, truffle fungi themselves are very sensitive, especially to weather changes.

For this reason, as much as possible, you can choose a place with weather conditions, geography, soil and landscape that helps so that the cultivation carried out is not in vain and can provide additional optimal results.

·        Oak Tree Planting

As is known, truffle fungi are styles of fungi that grow and are symbiotic with oak or oak root plants. Then surely to cultivate this truffle fungus must first plant an Oak tree. Here’s how to plant an oak tree:

Prepare oak seedlings in advance, they can be obtained by doing their own breeding or ordering at the seedling store that provides them. Make a planting hole with a pause of 3-3.5 meters / plant. Finally, plant the oak seedlings into the planting pit and add manure.

Treatment and Maintenance of Truffle Fungi

Do watering or watering to make the plant survive. Especially at the beginning of the development era, irrigation was mandatory. Also on dry mucin, this watering serves to keep the soil moist, so that the plant does not experience drought. Also do weeding on weeds or other nuisance plants that grow around the plant.

A minimum of weeding is carried out once every 3 months. In order for the nutrients needed by the fungus to be fulfilled, then fertilize. Fertilizers that can be used can be in the form of Complete NPK fertilizers that have doses of Nitrogen, Posfor and Potassium. Fertilizer can be applied directly by sowing or also dissolved along with the watering process.

The Harvest Era of Truffle Fungi

Based on the cultivation that Dr. Paul Thomas has already worked on in England, the first harvest can begin to be carried out when the oak plant is 10 years old. To make it easier to harvest, you can use the gift from the sense of smell of a trained dog or sow to find the location of the truffel fungi. Thus the article discusses where truffles grow maps “, hopefully it will be useful from me thank you.